DC People provides your datacenter with the best professionals.

Working at DC people

At DC People, pleasure in your work and professional development are paramount. Varied and technically challenging work at multiple data centers and suppliers ensure this.

Looking for reinforcement in your datacenter?

DC People delivers the best professionals, from one day to a year. We will let you know within 2 hours how we can fill in your request.

Why DC People

DC People is an agency that is fully dedicated to the temporary placement of specialized personnel at data centers. The company arose from the growing demand for flexible and temporarily deployable data center specialists. The knowledge and experience of your data center staff determine the quality and continuity of your data center.

DC People strenghts: Seconding from a day to a year. Short exposure time & quickly deployable. One professional or a whole team.

DC People has worked for:

DC People delivers the following services:

DC People Detachering

Operational teams are ready on a daily basis to solve all network and IT-related requests and problems within the data center.

DC People Management

To guarantee that the data center never experiences downtime, it is essential to maintain the vital systems, but also the building.


Within data centers, new customers must always be implemented or existing customer environments must be expanded.

Are you looking for a permanent or flex job?

We help you further in the data center industry. Contact us for a good conversation about the next step in your career.

Text: Looking for reinforcements for your datacenter? Clarity within 2 hours. Click here for a quickquote.