CONTRACTING of datacenter professionals

Whether you want to create a flexible layer of professionals for your data center, need extra capacity during peak times or for a project or need extra knowledge for a project, DC People can  add one or more professionals to your organization at short notice either long-term or short-term. DC People can reassign professionals at your company from one day to one year.

Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and expertise to directly have the needed impact in your datacenter. They are used to working on a project basis, allowing them to quickly adapt to the project. Our professionals work with your challenges, solve your issues, complete projects and provide support where you deem it necessary.

Conditions and recruitment process

The DC People process for linking you to the right professional counts five steps. This may seem cumbersome, but by thoroughly following the recruitment process we can ensure that you and the professional are the right match straight from the start.

The search for the right professional: On the basis of your questions and outlined profile, we select professionals that meet your requirements. We pay attention to training, skills and experience.

Introduction on paper: If we think we have found a suitable candidate, we will send you the resume, a photo and a short description. You will also receive the rate for the professional.

Personal introduction: When the introduction on paper made a good impression, we will introduce you to the candidate. Based on this introduction you will be able to make the decision if the candidate is a good fit.

Provision of conditions: After your approval, we will create a final agreement about the term, the rate and any additional conditions.

Continuous evaluation: DC People will keep in touch with you and the professional during the entire project, so that adjustments can be made where necessary.

Years of experience reassigning datacenter professionals

Through our focus on datacenter professionals, we have built network of well-trained professionals. We understand your demand and in addition to work experience and competencies, we also check whether a professional fits your in corporate culture. This way we effectively strengthen your team with our professionals.