We offer more than just contracting of datacenter professionals. You could want to remain flexible as a datacenter, without losing continuity. Or more security related to expectations and performance. A detavast-construction at DC People is the ideal solution!

A detavast-construction is an agreement in which a DC People professional is contracted to you as a permanent employee. This construction gives you as a client the time to figure out whether the datacenter professional is performing as expected. In the first 12 months of such a construction, the datacenter professional is employed at DC People. It is possible to take over the datacenter professional after a year. Inquire here for the possibilities offered.


The conditions for a takeover on the specific construction differ per client. DC People uses 2 methods for this deta-fixed construction.

The client wants to take over the datacenter professional from DC People;
DC People is recruiting a new datacenter professional for the client with the option to take over.

All the advantages of a detavast construction at a glance:

Maintain flexibility and continuity;
Extensive assessment period for our datacenter professional;
We bear the risks and the administration costs during the agreed period.