As a datacenter professional at DC People you work independently on projects with our clients and you carry out temporary assignments around the various core functions of your field. With your experience and knowledge you are immediately an added value for the customer, so the induction period on location is kept to a minimum. In addition to your core tasks within your field, you also act as a mentor for the Young Professionals of DC People.

You have the knowledge, expertise and experience that Young Professionals pursue. Depending on the number of Young Professionals you will take them along a number of weeks per year during your workdays to train them and transfer your knowledge.

Does it seem interesting to you as a professional to work at at various datacenters in the Netherlands? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge to a new generation of professionals? Then DC People is looking for you!

Jelle de Jongh:

‘I already had one year of experience working in datacenters but the diversity in projects at DC People make me so much more valuable. For me this makes it a great place to work!’