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Project base

Project base

Reinforcement when and where you need it Reinforcement when and where you need it

DC People also seconds data centre professionals on a project basis at all levels of knowledge and experience. Our professionals specialize in an integral and vital part of a data center that can guarantee smooth progress. This can vary from temporary extra monitoring during an expansion or renovation, cleaning, but also functions as designers, project managers and operations support engineers. Various specialists work on a project basis and to support and strengthen existing teams.

Customer Implementation
Within data centers, new customers always need to be implemented or existing customer environments need to be expanded or replaced. When installing large amounts of hardware in a short period of time, large amounts of manpower are temporarily required. DC People provides highly flexible and trained support engineers who are trained to rack and stack large amounts of hardware as efficiently as possible.

When a data center is delivered, proper testing and approval of the installations is a must to ensure its operation for now and in the longer term. DC People has the right commissioning and test engineers who, if necessary, can supervise a delivery according to the test protocol they have drawn up themselves.

The only thing that is more difficult than building a data center is to dismantle it, because the risk of business interruption or accidents is much greater when a data center is taken out of operation than when it is built. DC People has the competencies to safely and quickly dismantle your facility while we try to re-use or sell the remaining components which will reduce costs.

The backbone of any data center is the network in which large quantities of structurally laid cables are the cores. DC People has experience in laying and delivering large quantities of UTP and fibre optic cables within a very short period of time. Successful projects in Middenmeer are an example of this.

From performing simple hardware checks to an audit of an entire data center on operational sustainability according to the method of the Uptime Institute. DC People has the specialists available to perform

Project Management
DC People provides project management for upgrade, expansion or new construction projects of data centres or computer rooms. Experienced project managers with integral knowledge and the right methodologies. Individually deployable for specific parts by the specialist knowledge or in a team to run an entire project.

Design Engineers
Designing specific components or a complete data center design with accreditation from, for example, Uptime Institute requires ATD and/or ATS certified Design Engineers. Also checking and approving already made designs can be done by these Accredited Tier Designers (ATD). Continuity assurance can also be checked and tested by reviewing supplier contracts and agreements and performing a risk analysis by one of our Accredited Tier Specialists (ATS).