Recruitment & Selection.

Recruitment & Selection

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Recruitment and Selection
DC People understands that not every position can be filled on the basis of secondment or secondment within a company. That is why we also help in the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates. There is one golden rule here: if the candidate does not have the required knowledge and skills to work for DC People, we will not offer the candidate to the client. Also, DC People is not like a typical “headhunter/recruiter”, who sends resumes without meeting or fully vetting candidates.

The process
The process of connecting you to the right professional involves five steps. This is the only way we can ensure that you and the candidate are the right match.

On the basis of your question and sketched profile, we select professionals who match it. In addition to the standard issues such as education and experience, we also look at other issues such as personality, attitude and enthusiasm. As a result, the candidate not only fits the position, but also the company culture.

Paper introduction:
If we think we have found the right candidate, we will send you the CV, a photo and short description. We will also send you the salary indication for the professional.

Personal introduction:
When the paper introduction has made an impression, you can get to know the candidate. On the basis of this interview you can make further decisions, such as scheduling a follow-up interview.

When you want to offer a contract to the candidate, you inform DC People about this. When the contract is signed, we will take care of the completion of the process.

Contact us:
During the first two months you can contact DC People for advice in order to get the most out of the cooperation with the candidate.

Successful cooperation with DC People
We have the knowledge, network and experience to bring potential data center professionals and employers together.

Terms and conditions
DC People requires 20% of the candidate’s fixed annual salary to mediate in the successful recruitment and selection process. Should the candidate leave the company within two months of taking up employment, DC People will recruit and select a new candidate within the same remuneration.