Werken in een datacenter
Werken in een datacenter

Datacenter Engineer

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Job Description Datacenter Engineer

What exactly does a datacenter engineer do? In short, a datacenter engineer takes care of the installation, operational support and maintenance of ICT and network infrastructure. Do you want to work as a datacenter engineer or do you want to hire a datacenter engineer? Then click on one of the buttons above to see the open vacancies or the available candidates. Do you want to know more about what a datacenter engineer does? Then read more about the salary, education level, general skills, main tasks and qualifications of datacenter engineers below.

What is the salary of a datacenter engineer?

A starting datacenter engineer without any experience earns around € 2500 gross per month. This salary can go up to € 4200 if the datacenter engineer has a senior position.

What education should a data center engineer have completed?

A completed secondary vocational education level 3 in IT is often requested. If the applicant has not completed this education, but has a lot of IT experience – or even better, datacenter engineer experience – that is just as valuable.

DCCF skills

The DCCF, or Data Center Competence Framework, is an international technical framework containing guidelines that data center employees must comply with. This ranges from skills and responsibilities to qualifications. In this way, no ambiguities can arise for both the employee and the employer.

Skills Datacenter Engineer

  • Perform end execute installation, change and closure projects on the data centre computer room/ floor.
  • Is controlled by work orders (workflow ticket system); often through multiple commands.
  • Responsible for on time and qualitative delivery of racks, connectivity, patches, cages, racks, racking and staging servers, etc.
  • Test the connections and operation (servers) before logoff jobs.
  • Guides customers, contractors and suppliers and ensures that they are able to perform efficiently.
  • Locates and fixes issues with connections.
  • Has vendor specific installation knowledge and general data centre (facilities) knowledge.


Main tasks

  • Deploy, test and label copper, coax and fibre cables and patch cords connecting data centre customer and infrastructure.
  • Install and decommission data centre infrastructure components (e.g. cabinets/racks, ladder racks, fibre ducts, cages, cables – nonelectrical, etc.).
  • Troubleshoot, Test and Repair copper, coax and fibre connectivity for continuity and loss using industry standard testing tools and methods.
  • Assist network-facility engineers, project managers, floor manager and customers to complete projects and tickets.
  • Manage build materials (i.e. copper/fibre patch cords, server cabinets, cable ties, ladder racks, fibre ducts).
  • Maintain documentation of network infrastructure up to date in the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB).
  • Dispose of project material residues.
  • Managing workload in ticketing systems.
  • Adhere to existing data centre installation best practices.



  • Realize data centre (customer) changes/projects



  • Install in time and budget
  • Install conform standard



  • Floor Manager
  • Projects/customers


Qualifications and Competences

DC-competence (From DCCF©)

See the competence framework for clarification.

E 4. Project and portfolio management: Level 2
E.10. Asset management: Level 1

KPI area – On time and qualitative delivery of installation work

EPI-DC Framework© Disciplines

  • ICT-infrastructure

EPI-courses required:


Added value:

  • CTDC
  • CITO
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