Senior datacentrum engineer
Senior datacentrum engineer

Efficient methods

Acquiring top talent through a solid recruiting strategy

'Skills matter more than degrees'

The successful personnel policy of a company like Tesla has inspired us to a certain extent. Unlike many companies that see diplomas as a selection criterion, Elon Musk is convinced of his statement 'skills matter more than degrees' to retain top talent.

Experience is the best form of education because it is not limited to what is taught within the walls of a classroom. In other words, we take precedence over what is learned through practical experience over whether one can remember and reproduce information. That is why we thoroughly test candidates on their capabilities and whether they can actually successfully perform their future role within a data center.

The strength of this form of recruitment and selection is its simplicity and effectiveness. Without the traditional direct exclusion through diplomas, the conversion is considerably higher.

Candidates with good professional knowledge can be deployed immediately, after which we add targeted training courses if desired to make these candidates even more effective within their position.

Our recruiters conduct intensive job interviews and exhaustively screen each candidate for their competencies. After this, we only assess the candidates on work ethic, personality and education.

This meticulous screening, including a reference check, is essential for our recruitment process.

We make the best candidates even better

DC People has a strategic partnership with Vijfhart Datacenter Opleidingen. DC People provides experienced teachers to Vijfhart and simultaneously uses the many data center training courses.

The best-known basic training is the CDCP -Certified Datacenter Professional. In this training you will learn more about power supply, cooling, cabling and (fire) protection, but also everything about the most important management and maintenance actions. This is followed by the exam and you receive the worldwide accepted certificate. You can follow various training courses as a data center professional, expert or manager online, at our office or in class at Vijfhart and make employees more valuable.

Assessment voor datacenter functies

Scientifically validated assessments

Our suitability test provides insight into the key performance areas of a candidate. Where is the optimum of performance based on natural behavior, communication styles, approach to work, way of making decisions, the way of contacting others in relation to a job.

The natural behaviour, for which a candidate makes no effort and for which he is most motivated, results in the best performance. The powerful combination of our scientifically validated assessment gives a very good success indication in a short period of time, which further consists of:

• the learning dexterity
• the preferred behaviour

The job assessment creates a success profile based on input related to the desired vacancy. This is done by people who know the position well, manage it or have filled the position before. Based on the results of the assessments, we match the candidate with the vacancy that suits him exactly, even if a CV does not fully match the job requirements. Experience shows that if you do work that really suits you, you will immediately experience more pleasure, energy and motivation and be more successful.

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