Datacenter medewerkers
Datacenter medewerkers

About DC People

On demand datacenter staff

We help data centers find the best employees, but
with a sharp focus on candidate development

DC People supplies directly employable workers, specialized teams on a project basis and recruits personnel. We distinguish ourselves by providing the best service to both our clients and candidates. As recruiters, we understand the dynamics involved in hiring a new employee or making the decision to change employers. Our years of experience, market knowledge, and relationship network allow us to match a suitable candidate with open positions with some certainty with a historical success rate of over 90%. Our candidate base is large and changes daily.

Decades of experience
DC People, founded in 2015 is a NEN 4400-1 certified provider of staffing solutions, providing customers with the best datacenter specialists. With a decades-long background in datacenter design, construction, management and security, DC People employees create value for its clients through in-depth market knowledge, experience and relationship network within the datacenter industry.

DC People’s recruitment solutions help datacenters find and retain the best talent. A conscious choice was made to be a quality player. The SNA quality mark makes DC People a reliable business partner and limits the risks regarding chain liability. This way, DC People contributes to keeping the labor market healthy.

DC People connects with the best talent in the data center industry. DC People understands the needs of its clients and the challenges they face. Our mission is to partner with data centers to find top talent for them.


Honesty and integrity are among DC People’s core values. Our ultimate goal is to build long-term relationships based on professionalism, quality, dedication and our unique culture of service excellence.

Diversity & inclusiveness
The Netherlands is a country of diversity, this applies to both individuals and communities. This diversity creates meaningful perspectives that can contribute positively to our society. At DC People we embrace everyone, we listen, we appreciate, we respect and we put people first.

Welcome to DC People.

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We supply directly available professionals and have specialised teams available on projectbasis. The recruitment methods of DC People help datacenters find the best talent out there.