About DC People

DC People has been an independent contracting agency since 2016, fully focused on providing our clients with highly qualified personnel for all positions within datacenters. The company arose from the need for flexible datacenter specialists and the high demand of our parent companies ICTroom and Workrate. DC People was founded to meet the growing demand for datacenter professionals.

The professionals at DC People regularly make use of the knowledge and experience of the professionals of our parent companies. This way we are able to quickly implement your projects and find solutions to your challenges. Sometimes within a day, but always within the agreed period. We fully established ourselves within the market for contracting of datacenter professionals.

Because we solely focused on datacenter professionals we are able to supply one or more people or a whole team. Solving problems sometimes also means that we deliver a professional for a day and in cases it could be for a whole year. We fine-tune all the details of the assignment in advance. We always say that the devil is in the details at the start of a project, because if it would be at the end of the project the start wasn’t good enough.