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You are looking for a job, you don't necessarily have to leave, but the market is very favorable at the moment. You find it exciting, after all you now know what you have, you know your colleagues, you know what is expected of you, your manager promised you at the start of the employment or the freelance assignment that you can take steps and that is happening for the time being not... So time to take a look, a step into the unknown. Questions like: can I do it, am I good enough, I am not a 100% fit with the requested requirements, there are probably better candidates playing in your head.
Our coaches will help you.

Scientifically validated assessment

Our suitability test provides insight into your key performance areas, where your maximum performance lies based on natural behaviour, communication styles, work approach, decision-making method and contact with others in relation to the desired position. The natural behaviour, for which you make no effort and which motivates you the most, results in the best performance. The aptitude test provides a reliable indication of success in a short period of time, which also provides insight into your learning skills and preferred behaviour.


Success profile

The job assessment creates a success profile based on input related to the desired vacancy. The input comes from people who know the position well, who manage it, or who have previously filled the position. Based on the results of the assessment, we match you with the job that suits you exactly, even if your CV does not fully match the job requirements. Experience shows that if you do work that really suits you, you will immediately experience more pleasure, energy and motivation and will therefore be much more successful.

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Your next step

The days are gone of spending your entire career in one industry or in one role. Nowadays you change jobs about 10 times before you retire. This should be comforting news if you're considering a new career. If you are not satisfied with your current working environment or just want to try something new, please contact us.
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