Carrièrekansen voor datacenter professionals
Carrièrekansen voor datacenter professionals

Increase your marketvalue

earn more money by expanding your own expertise

Become the expert

Do you want to advance your career, earn more money, take a management position or improve your skills? By becoming an expert in your field, your status will increase and you will be more valuable within the datacenter sector. As an expert you are one of the best informed people in the field and your performance level is significantly above average.

Climbing the career ladder can be tricky, but with the help of DC People's coaches, it becomes a lot easier. Where do you want to be in 10 years from now and what are the requirements to get there; start by getting the right skills, competences and increasing your knowledge. DC People invests at least two days per month per employee in professional training and education at any desired level.

Datacenter education, training and certification

DC People has a strategic partnership with Vijfhart training institute. DC People supplies experienced teachers to Vijfhart and simultaneously makes use of the many data center training courses and certification for our employees.

The most well-known training is the Certified DataCenter Professional (CDCP). In this training you will learn more about power supply, cooling, cabling and (fire) protection, but also everything about the most important management and maintenance actions. This is followed by the exam and you will receive the worldwide recognized certificate. You can follow various training courses as a data center professional, expert or manager online, at our office or in a classroom at Vijfhart.

Meet the successful people within DC People team

Most of our employees love to share how they have developed their career. Some started in a NOC team during their studies and mainly worked nights and on weekends.

After completing their studies and completing a number of specialist training courses, they are now responsible for managing large datacenters.

Our people work spread over many datacenters and have access to available positions, possibly even your dream job.

Datacenter professionals

"I was given every
opportunity to obtain
certificates and diplomas"

Jelle works at DC People since 2016

Clear job titles and job descriptions

Positions within datacenters are named differently everywhere and there is a lot of confusion about them. To ensure that a vacancy is filled by the right candidate, we strive for a model with unambiguous names for functions. This allows us to better classify and select vacancies based on the minimum qualifications a candidate should have. This also prevents a mismatch between well-qualified candidates and what is asked for in a vacancy.

The most common positions within a data center can be found here:

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Your next step

The days of spending your entire career in one industry or one role are over. On average, you change jobs about 10 times these days before you retire. This should be reassuring news if you're considering a new career. If you are not satisfied with your current work environment or just want to try something new, please contact us. DC People has the most interesting jobs in the data center industry available.

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