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DC People is a leading provider of specialized employees for your data center projects. Are you looking for skilled designers or project supervisors for a new data center project? With more than 25 years of experience in the data center industry, DC People is a trusted partner for the supply of leading staff. We specialize in providing expert business professionals to support your projects.

DC People is your reliable partner for data center staffing!

Experience and expertise

Our team has worked intensively on various projects of varying size and complexity throughout Europe in recent years. Thanks to our expertise in data center design, construction, and management, we immediately understand your project requirements and can provide staffing solutions perfectly suited to your specific needs.


Our hands-on experience with data center projects gives us a unique advantage in selecting the right professionals for you. We have a deep understanding of the technical skills, industry knowledge, and qualifications required for success in a project environment.


Using thorough screening and evaluation processes, we ensure that we deliver the best candidates with the expertise and experience necessary for the success of any data center project. While we focus primarily on design and project support professionals, we do not offer construction trades workers etcetera.

High-quality data center staff for your organization

While our primary goal is to provide staff, our background in data center design, construction, and management allows us to add value to your organization. We offer insights, recommendations, and expertise to optimize the efficiency of your project.

Datacenter professionals

'Plan the work
then work the plan!'

Jelle - Senior DC Engineer

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Working with DC People

By partnering with DC People, you will benefit from our extensive experience in data center design and staffing. Our goal is to provide you with highly qualified staff.

Contact us without obligation and take advantage of our years of experience in data center projects. Let us provide your project organization with staff to support the project. With our expertise and commitment to delivering service excellence, we want to be your reliable partner in achieving your project goals.

DC People is always looking for new professionals to join new projects. Do you meet the requirements? Then check out our open vacancies for data center design and build here. We also offer other positions for your data center projects.