Werken in een datacenter
Werken in een datacenter

Datacenter Manager

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Job Description Datacenter Manager

A Datacenter Manager often has a strategic role. The Datacenter Manager is concerned with determining a business plan for the datacenter. With this plan, they ensure that the datacenter meets all standards and grows as a company. The manager is also responsible for the implementation, finances and the result of this plan. Due to the datacenter manager, the datacenter is a thriving business!

How much does a Datacenter Manager earn?

The salary of a datacenter manager starts around € 4500 gross per month if the data center manager is just starting out and can rise to € 8000 in a senior position.

What education should a Datacenter Manager have completed?

Usually, a higher vocational education in technology is requested. Experience as a manager in a technical company is also often (extra) appreciated, as are NEN3140/NEN3840 certifications and management training.

DCCF skills

The DCCF, or Data Center Competence Framework, is an international technical framework containing guidelines that data center employees must comply with. This ranges from skills and responsibilities to qualifications. In this way, no ambiguities can arise for both the employee and the employer.

Skills Datacenter Manager

  • Specifies the strategic direction for the data center (organization) and converts it into a strategic business plan.
  • Together with his management team, he translates the mission and vision and sets the tactical strategy and operational objectives.
  • Has overall responsibility and accountability for strategy, finances and operational results.


Main tasks

  • Budget control and accountability: Profit and Loss (CapEx, OpEx, EBITDA, EBIT).
  • Defining the data center business strategy to support the ICT environment.
  • Responsible for the quality and management of customer-supplier relationships.
  • Define and ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements.
  • Negotiate complex contracts with vendors, suppliers and third parties.
  • Make recommendations on general ICT management.
  • Responsible for operational results and human resource management.



  • Strategic business plan



  • Business requirements
  • Financials
  • Management business review



  • ICT Strategy


Qualifications and Competences

DC-competence (From DCCF©)

See the competence framework for clarification.

A.1. Data Centre Business and Strategy Alignment: Level 5
A.2. Business Plan Development: Level 5
D.2. Human Resource Management: Level 4
E.5. Relationship Management: Level 4
E.11. Governance: Level 4-5


KPI area – Overall added value, efficiency and effectiveness of the data centre


EPI-DC Framework© Disciplines

  • All disciplines


EPI-courses required:

  • CDCP
  • CDCS


Added value:

  • CDCE
  • CDRP
  • CTDC
  • CDMS
  • CITM
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