Senior Datacenter professionals
Senior Datacenter professionals

DC People and Splendit join forces


October 2023 – DC People and Splendit join forces
“Providing professionals for the Belgian data center market”

DC People is expanding into the data center market in a joint venture with the Belgian IT co-sourcing company Splendit. Thanks to this strategic alliance, Belgian IT integrators can easily bring in qualified professionals for a wide range of data center functions.

The 100% independent Belgian IT co-sourcing company Splendit supports IT integrators in many areas. Its focus is on the intermediate market, including network and systems technology, project management, development (.NET and Java) and functional and business analysis. To support the Belgian data center market, DC People is entering into a new partnership with Splendit.

DC People is a leading Dutch player in the provision of staff and specialized teams for data centers. The company supplies specialists who assemble and activate data center equipment (racking and stacking), as well as operational staff. DC People also provides designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and even project management specialists for data center construction projects.

Growing market need
DC People is responding to a rapidly growing market. According to research carried out by McKinsey, demand for data center capacity will double by the end of the decade. This significant growth demands a broad range of expertise, and thanks to the collaboration between DC People and Splendit, Belgian IT integrators can now call on specialists with a deep knowledge of the data center market.

Just like its partner, Splendit, DC People owes its strong reputation to its comprehensive knowledge of the sector and its ability to supply its clients with the skills they need. It goes without saying that both companies are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, and service.

DC People Belgium
This new partnership will operate under the name DC People Belgium. “We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration will bring,” says Sander Nieuwmeijer, Managing Director at DC People. “By joining forces, we can offer our customers an even broader range of solutions and services, while continuing to focus on quality and customer satisfaction.”

“Splendit believes it is important to support the dynamic Belgian data center market with specialized personnel”, adds Jan van der Beke, Director at Splendit. “Our joint commitment to growth, development, and fairness forms the basis of this collaboration with DC People. We look forward to working together to add value to the Belgian data center industry.”

DC People is a leading service provider specializing in the provision of qualified staff and specialized teams to the data center industry. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality, DC People offers unique solutions to a dynamic industry.

Splendit is a 100% independent Belgian IT co-sourcing company, known for its focus on training and development, work-life balance, and honest communication. With a dedicated team of more than 120 IT professionals, Splendit delivers unique and valuable data center projects.