Werken in een datacenter
Werken in een datacenter

Floor Manager

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Job Description Floor Manager

What exactly does a floor manager do? In short, a data center floor manager manages all infrastructure and activities within the data center room and/or computer room. Do you want to work as a floor manager or do you want to hire a floor manager? Then click on one of the buttons above to see the open vacancies or the available candidates. Do you want to know more about what a floor manager does? Read more about the salary, education level, general skills, main tasks and qualifications of floor managers below.

What does a floor manager earn?

A starting data center floor manager without experience earns around € 3600 gross per month. This salary can rise to € 4600 if the floor manager has a senior position.

What training must a floor manager have completed?

At a minimum, a completed MBO level 4 education in IT is required. If the applicant has not completed this training but has a lot of IT experience or experience in a similar position as a floor manager, that is just as valuable.

DCCF skills

The DCCF, or Data Center Competence Framework, is an international technical framework containing guidelines that data center employees must comply with. This ranges from skills and responsibilities to qualifications. In this way, no ambiguities can arise for both the employee and the employer.

Skills Datacenter Floor Manager

  • Responsible for resource allocation within the data center computer room, such as the allocation of rack and floor space and power outlets.
  • Responsible for the allocation of network connections.
  • Makes the final technical decision (Go/No Go).
  • Coordinates all work carried out on the computer floors.
  • Checks the work performed.
  • The aim is to fulfill customer agreements, make maximum and optimal use of the available space and monitor whether the computer floor conditions are in line with (customer) SLAs.
  • Has basic knowledge of electricity, networks and IT systems.


Main Tasks

  • Create and manage a capacity management map and define design boundaries.
  • Monitor compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Asset management (management of the configuration management database).
  • Inspection of the equipment entering the data center computer room.
  • Final inspection after completing the installation.
  • Allocation of equipment location (rack/floor space), power and network connectivity, and cooling capacity/density.
  • Safety and Security Considerations.
  • Supervise equipment, racks, packs, cages, cabling installations.
  • Ensure that environmental conditions, cooling and power conditions in the computer room are in line with agreed customer SLAs.
  • Report SLA deviations, preventing claims.



  • Datacenter computer rooms



  • Activities in the computer rooms of data centers




Kwalificaties en Competenties

DC-competentie (Van DCCF©)
See the competence framework for clarification.

E.1. Data Centre Operations Management: Level 2

E.2. Facilities Management: Level 3

E.4. Project and Portfolio Management: Level 3

E.8. Process Management: Level 3

E.10. Asset Management: Level 3

KPI area – Ensuring that the conditions of the computer floor facilities are in line with the (customer) SLAs

EPI-DC Framework© Disciplines

  • Monitor/Report/Control
  • Facility management
  • Building Management
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • ICT Service Management


EPI-courses mandatory;

  • CDCP
  • CDCS
  • CDMS


Added value;

  • CTDC
  • CITO
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