Selection and recruitment

Best candidates for our clients

DC People only works for datacenters and companies with large networks. We know the market well and are therefore successful in recruiting and selecting datacenter professionals. We have the right network for the seasoned datacenter professional, young professional, professional and senior functions.

Thanks to our extensive selection process, our clients are assured of the best candidate is selected for the job. Before the start of an assignment, we screen professionals for:

  • VOG (Declaration on Behavior)
  • PES (pre-Employee Screening)
  • References
  • Relevant education / certificates


We have the knowledge, the network and the experience to bring potential Datacenter Professionals and Datacenters together in order to achieve a successful collaboration. Our personal and professional approach ensures that the candidate is successful on his assignment. Both on the hard skills and the soft skills as appropriate personality is equally important.


After we recruited a suitable candidate for your datacenter and contracts are signed, DC People will charge you a fee of 20% over the gross anual salary. If the candidate, for whatever reason decides to leave your company within two months, DC People will recruit a new candidate free of charge.