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Mechanical Engineer


  • Norway
  • Minimum 2 years contract 
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree


The Mechanical Engineer will be primarily responsible for the construction in the datacenter. He/she will play a key role in managing and controlling subcontractors involved in various aspects of the project.

The company specializes in datacenter infrastructure and is at the forefront of technological innovation. Now they are looking for talented Mechanical Engineers for one of the most ambitious projects: constructing Europe’s largest datacenter in Norway.


• Coordination and Collaboration: Facilitating effective coordination and collaboration among subcontractors, internal project teams, and stakeholders to ensure the seamless integration of different components within the data center construction process
• Quality Control and Assurance: Implementing stringent quality control measures to monitor and ensure that subcontractors adhere to specified engineering standards, project requirements, and industry best practices
• Performance Monitoring and Evaluation: Tracking the performance of subcontractors throughout the project lifecycle, including assessing their adherence to project timelines, budget constraints, and safety protocols
• Compliance Oversight: Ensuring that subcontractors comply with all relevant regulatory standards, safety protocols, and industry guidelines to maintain a safe and compliant working environment
• Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and challenges associated with subcontractor activities and developing appropriate risk mitigation strategies to minimize the impact on project timelines and quality
• Contract Administration: Managing the contractual agreements with subcontractors, including reviewing and ensuring compliance with terms, conditions, and deliverables outlined in the contracts
• Communication and Reporting: Facilitating clear and effective communication channels among subcontractors, internal teams, and stakeholders. Generating regular reports to provide stakeholders with transparent insights into the project’s status and performance
• Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution: Addressing any issues that may arise among subcontractors, and resolving conflicts or discrepancies in a timely and effective manner to maintain project momentum and minimize disruptions
• By effectively overseeing and controlling subcontractors, the mechanical engineer contributes to the successful execution of the data center construction project, ensuring that all subcontracted work aligns with the project’s goals, quality standards, and regulatory requirements
• Energy Efficiency: Implement energy-efficient practices and technologies to reduce overall energy consumption and environmental impact while maintaining high performance standards
• Compliance and Safety: Ensure compliance with industry standards, codes, and regulations related to mechanical systems. Maintain a strong focus on safety protocols and procedures
• Documentation: Create and maintain detailed documentation, including schematics, specifications, and manuals, to support the installation, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems.


• Educational Degree and/or extensive experience in Mechanical Engineering
• Minimum of 5 of experience in designing and maintaining mechanical systems for data centers or similar critical facilities
• Proficiency in computer-aided design (AutoCAD) software, BIM and other engineering tools
• Strong knowledge of HVAC systems, cooling technologies, and energy management principles
• Fluent in English; proficiency in Norwegian is a plus
• EU passport or valid Norwegian work permit
• Willingness to travel to and stay in Norway for extended periods
• Knowledge of industry standards, codes, and regulations related to mechanical systems in datacenters
• Effective communication skills and ability to convey complex technical concepts to diverse stakeholders


• A highly competitive salary
• Full reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs
• Opportunities for professional development within the fast-growing datacenter industry
• The opportunity to work on Europe’s largest datacenter, setting new industry benchmarks


If you believe that you may not meet all the listed requirements, please do not hesitate to apply for this role. Your unique skills and experiences could still make you a strong match for our team.


Anna Boiarynova
020 820 3018
Raymond Steenvoorden
020 820 3018

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