Customer Implementations

Datacenter technicians

The implementation of a new customer is a labor-intensive process that must be completed in as little time as possible. DC People has a flexible team available that will start by unpacking the equipment, installing it, cabling it up and powering it up so essentially the customer’s hardware is ready to go. If you do not have your own engineer available to guide the process, this can be outsourced to a (senior) DC People professional at your request.

Customer equipment de-installation

It may happen that customers, for whatever reason, leave your datacenter. This also means that their entire environment must be de-installed. DC People can provide you with a flexible team, so that the environment of your departing customer is dismantled as quickly as possible.

Customer equipment replacement

Hardware has a depreciation period from two to six years, which means that periodic replacement of equipment will have to take place. DC People has a team available that will uninstall the old equipment, unpacking the new equipment, installing it, cabling it up and powering it up all while ensuring a minimal amount of downtime.