Werken in een datacenter
Werken in een datacenter

Datacenter Facility Engineer

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Job Description Facility Engineer

What exactly does a facility engineer do? A data center facility engineer continuously monitors whether all systems are still working properly. The engineer not only carries out maintenance, but also physically monitors all equipment, so that he or she can intervene immediately if something goes wrong. If this happens, the facility engineer is also the one who solves the problems. It is therefore a job with a lot of responsibility. Would you like a job as a facility engineer or hire a facility engineer? Then click on one of the buttons above. Do you first want to know more about what a facility engineer does exactly? Then read on.

What is the salary of a Facility Engineer?

The salary of a data center facility engineer starts around € 2700 if they have little or no experience. If the facility engineer has a senior position, the salary can be as much as € 5400.

What training must a facility engineer have completed?

Facility Engineers usually have an MBO Level 4 degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. It is also an advantage if they have obtained NEN3140 or NEN3840 certificates.

DCCF skills

The DCCF, or Data Center Competence Framework, is an international technical framework containing guidelines that data center employees must comply with. This ranges from skills and responsibilities to qualifications. In this way, no ambiguities can arise for both the employee and the employer.

Skills Datacenter Facility Engineer

  • A lot of responsibility and must be able to solve problems independently.
  • Knowledge of UPS systems or cooling installations.
  • Knowledge of servers, operating systems and (network) cabling.
  • Able to document work properly and accurately.
  • Knowledge of test equipment: multimeter, IR meter, data cable tester and power analyzer.
  • A team player.
  • Continuously focused on improving the quality of installations and service.
  • Follow rules and procedures closely.

Main tasks

  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance rounds.
  • Physical monitoring of equipment, conditions and technical performance.
  • Monitor and respond to alerts, alarms and emergencies.
  • Solve complex problems in electrical, mechanical equipment and control systems.
  • Willing to work in watch shifts.
  • Quickly solve problems or delegate to a supplier.
  • Follow training courses to meet the quality requirements.
  • Performing daily inspections on critical infrastructure, including data collection and evaluation.
  • Building, testing, installing power circuits and cables to computer rooms.
  • Perform repairs and preventative maintenance on chillers, pumps and cooling towers.
  • Supervise external suppliers to ensure regulations and operating procedures are followed.



  • Well-functioning systems in the data center



  • Equipment maintenance inspections
    Solve problems related to the equipment and systems



  • Operation Managers
  • Projects/clients


Qualifications and Competencies

DC-competency (Van DCCF©)

See the competence framework for clarification.

E 4. Project and portfolio management – Level 2

E.10. Asset management – Level 1

KPI area – On time and quality delivery of installation work

EPI-DC Framework© Disciplines

  • ICT infrastructure

EPI courses required;


Added value;

  • CTDC
  • CITO
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